Updated v1.10 Combat Mission Fortress Italy demo released!



A new updated (v1.10) free demo of COMBAT MISSION: FORTRESS ITALY is available for both the PC and Mac OS X platforms, includng one additional scenario and new game engine features from the “Gustav Line” module. This free demo version contains limited functionality and content to showcase the full version of the game, which can be purchased at www.battlefront.com.


four scenarios are playable:

10 April, 1944, San Pietro

The Fallschirmjäger square off against the British! On a cold, misty spring morning, a massive German Elefant tank hunter has become mired in the deep mud of a stream bed. The task of defending the trapped beast falls upon a force of German paratroopers from the 12th Fallschirmjäger Regiment. The relentless Allied advance threatens to overwhelm them as the British Hampshire Regiment attacks with their leading rifle company. Featured in this mission are the Elefant tank hunter, the turretless Stuart Recce, the Daimler Dingo scout car, and the LG 40 7.5 cm recoilless gun.

QuickBattles are disabled (but the QB setup screen is visible) multiplayer modes (PBEM/TCP) are fully enabled the Scenario Editor is enabled and fully functional, but it will not allow you to purchase units, load, or save any maps contains nag screens during launch end exit of the demo.
Click here to download the free demo!