Uprising44: The Silent Shadows launches on Steam tomorrow!


Greenlight Community has officially announced that Uprising44: The Silent Shadows is releasing on Steam tomorrow, the 18th! In accordance to release they are publishing new screenshoots pack.

The game combines third-person action play with real-time strategy. It is a interesting combo of the two modes of play, and has an in-depth and fascinating story-line which is not used in WWII computer games – the greatest civilian uprising against Nazi occupying forces – the Warsaw Uprising. A tale of the Silent Shadows – forerunners of modern day special forces – paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to organize resistance and use diversionary tactics in the fight against the forces of the Third Reich. An appropriate audio-visual setting combined with cover system (an awesome, proven method of game play), the story-line, and diverse settings, a dynamic and fun game for anyone who wants to be entertained.

You even get to have a over-the-shoulder perspective which feels eerily realistic to small groups of soldiers fighting in the tight confines of a city. You explore through buildings, cellars, streets, ruins and underground canals and take part in seemingly real skirmishes. You have available to use 16 types of weapons, depending on the tactics you choose. You can take cover, give orders to comrades, fight at close quarters, or at a distance – to get advantage over a superior number of the enemy.

Are you ready to lead groups of uprisers? To take part in heavy fighting on the streets of Warsaw? You as a leader will have to think strategically and improvise in quick changing situations of battle in order to get through this challenge.