Use a Laser Pointer to Fire at Virtual Targets with LaserVRTM Alpha Range for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch


Circutus LLC today announced the release of LaserVRTM Alpha Range, a unique video projector game available exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. By connecting a video projector to a camera-equipped mobile device, the LaserVRTM technology “sees” the game playing on a wall, and tracks the dot from a laser pointer to recognize button clicks and player interactions. LaserVRTM Alpha Range is a futuristic target shooting game, available now on the iTunes App Store for $7.99 / €5.99 / £5.49 / AUD$8.49.

LaserVRTM Alpha Range uses advances in computer vision to combine a virtually projected game with real world actions. For the first time, the processing power of modern mobile phones and tablets make it possible to simultaneously process a real-time camera feed while displaying the game’s graphics and user interface. The game player already owns the most expensive piece of equipment, in their mobile device, and can now couple it with a Pico projector, a tabletop tripod like the iStabilizer FlexÔ, and a low-powered laser pointer, for a portable virtual reality gaming experience.

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