Vae Victis enters the next stage of its dominance in the MMO free 2 play racing genre


ABOUT –Vae Victis, an MMO development studio based in Cesena, Italy, bringing Italian developers to the forefront of the world stage of game development. The studio is located in the Italian motor valley, in Cesena next to the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati factories. The studio has previously worked with one of the leading motorsport legends and is very excited to bring the gaming world “Victory: The Age of Racing”!

Vae Victis is the developer, creator and self-publisher of “Victory: The Age of Racing”, one of the best Free 2 Play online racing games available on the market. Today, Vae Victis released Beta 2 – Patch 9. This is a major update and takes the first steps of offering gamers an intense racing experience with the thrill of being in the driving seat of a formula racing-machine.

“We have worked hard on this launch to make sure that we offer gamers something exciting that they can enjoy at any time, dropping in an out of game play, with what free time gamers have in their busy schedule.” said Luca Garattoni- Executive Producer at Vae Victis. “We want to make sure their experience is exciting and easy to enjoy. We have focused our changes that reflect this in game, with such features as our car physics and Research & Development labs. When drivers purchase new items such as engines and tires all items will directly affect their car performances. A new Car Statistics table will show you how the different PP allocation, for engines and tires affects your car performance. ”

Beta 2 – Patch 9 includes:

New Game Launcher: with integrated HTML browser that will show players the latest news and useful links to the community and the official website.

Updated Main Screen: hosting new features and future game modes.

New Research & Development Screen
You can now change the performance of your car in the new Research & Development screen, where you can freely allocate Performance Points (PPs) to the different car attributes. Each of your cars will unlock 3 PPs per player level. You can buy new engines and tires that will directly affect your car performances. A new Car Statistics table will show you how the different PP allocation, engines and tires affect your car performance.

Wonder Points
With the new car development system all the items in the market will give you WPs (Wonder Points). The more WPs you have, the more Rx (Race Experience) you receive after each race: the more Wonder Points on your car the faster you can level up. Also, new events and other new features will require your car to have a certain amount of Wonder to be eligible.

Updated Marketplace: with brand new filter icons to better navigate the different item categories. Also, a new cyan color icon will highlight all the newly unlocked items, so you always know what new stuff is in the market for you since you last leveled up.

Race Points
Your driver accumulates RP by racing in multiplayer races and events. After each race you will now receive Race Points, Race Experience and Gears Credits. Victory now uses Race Points instead of Race Experience on rankings and events that rank the different drivers. Race Points are not influenced by Premium Accounts bonuses like Race Experience:
Victory will never allow premium users to have a direct advantage over non-paying users.

Other Minor Features and Changes
• Victory calculates the Race Experience given after each race based on the duration (in laps) of that race
• Default Laps when creating a new Race Server are now 3 instead of 2
• World Record Achievements are now unlocked only in the “Hot Lap” mode
• Some old achievements bugs have been fixed

Premium Accounts and Victis Gold introduction
During Beta 2 it’s now possible to buy Premium Account days that will enable:
– +50% Rx Bonus after each race
– +30% Gears Credits Bonus after each race
– 20% discount on all Market prices

It’s now also possible to buy Victis Gold and special Game Packs on the official website.

Please note that Premium Accounts and Victis Gold essentially permit you to save time, but never give you a direct advantage towards non-paying users: Victory is not a Pay to Win game and it will never be.