Valentine’s Day: Games Don’t Say No

ill be celebrating valentines day han style solo

So if you are like me and single Valentine’s day is just another stupid Thursday, and you will probably spend it at home crying yourself to sleep partly because you are lonely and partly because those heart candies suck. Never fret fellow gamer guy or girl video games don’t turn you down for the popular kids, except when they red ring of death from you asking them out. If you are an avid Battlefield 3 fan you can join me in getting double XP during their Valentine’s Day event. If you would even like to announce to the world you can’t get a date you can do so on Facebook on their official event.

Not the kind of person that wants to kill people on Valentine’s Day? I would recommend going through either any Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Knights of The Old Republic, or just any game that will allow you to hook up with a party member. Sure you might not want to run off and set you status to “in a relationship” with Kaidan Alenko but at least you get more interaction of the human soul than sitting in your mom’s basement. The point is you don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day, because there are always ladies of the night you can kill with baseball bats to get you money back…I LOVE YOU Grand Theft Auto.