Vampire for iOS and Andriod

Vampires is a fast-paced puzzle game. Dawn is coming and weary vampires everywhere are heading home through the labyrinth to their crypts so they may rest for the day. However, vampire hunters have arrived there first and set up traps to swiftly end the life of any poor unsuspecting vampire. Since you can’t control the vampires directly you have to change their enviornment and skill to get them to their coffin safely and on time.

“We would like to announce a new character for our upcoming video game called Vampires! for PC, iOS and Android. Vampire queen is a new kind of vampire with the unique ability to destroy traps which are in her sight. To balance this super-power, she is slower than regular vampires and also if she dies, you lose the whole level,” said Jan Kavan, director at CBE software. Jan also clarified  the basic movement mechanics. There are three different color types of vampires (Red, Blue, and Black), Vampire color determines their behavior when approaching a crossroad. Red only turns left, Blue turns right, and Black which choose where to go randomly, the vampire queen is no exception.


Vampires will be available in winter