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Vanguard Saga of Heroes is now free-to-play!

Sony Online Entertainment LLC announced on the 14th that their MMORPG is now free-to-play! Players can join guilds, battle creatures, level up and explore this luscious world of Telon for free on the PC now! With Vanguard Saga of Heroes now free their will be new game enhancements, regular updates, and new exciting content. Vanguard will be offering players 2 membership levels as well!

Free members will have access to a selection of races and classes. All classes are available until level 20. Other selections will max out at level 55. Of course there are some restrictions for game features and content such as races, bag slots, guild functions and character slots.

Gold Membership is available for $14.99 USD per month and lets players have full access to all the items, classes, and races. Not only that but Gold Members have full access to game features such as Broker Systems, Brotherhoods, and housing. To add to all of this players with Gold Memberships have access to 12 slots along with unlimited Coin acquisition.

Vanguard Saga of Heroes is set in the ancient magical world for Telon. Telon is torn apart by war and it is up to the players to rebuild their once great civilization. In the north, the green hills of Thestra  are being plagued by the undead, to the south in the desserts of Qalia an elemental threat , and to the east in the jungles of Kojan players must battle otherworldly fiends.

If you want to know more about this you can go to! Take a look at the free to play trailer below !