Video Game Inspired Music

I have already covered some of the amazing fan made short films or trailers that are out there that are inspired by video games but there is also a plethora of music (original and parody) that is inspired by the same topics. If you just know where to look on Youtube you will discover some amazing music videos such as the Epic Rap Battles of History above. The Epic Rap Battles of History take to figures of either real or imaginary history and pit them against each other via dis raps.

If parodies aren’t your thing than there is an underground genre of hip hop known as nerdcore, I am in love with this genre of music and am actually currently in production of my own project. Some of the giants of this genre is MC Frontalot, MC Chris, and ytcracker. Many of these songs use samples from some of our favorite games or movies, making it a hip hop that we all can enjoy and listen to while playing those games.