Video released showcasing further developments of ‘Star Quest 2: United Galaxies’

Independent games developer and publisher ‘Virtual Adventures’ has just released an updated video showcasing further developments of their ambitious PC title ‘Star Quest 2: United Galaxies’. Currently seeking development funds via a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter, this immersive and incredibly large genre-mixing game is the 3rd product by the developer, whose previous released titles include ‘Star Quest I in the 27th century’ and ‘Stellar Mercenaries’ from 1995 and 1997.

The updated video showcases a cool looking 3D Cockpit in addition to some cleverly designed GUI components as demoed in the RTS part of the game. Combining the very best of space combat, real-time strategy, and racing in space, ‘Star Quest 2: United Galaxies’ challenges you to play as deadly gunner, ace pilot or even fleet commander. Featuring a huge universe to explore, great graphics, polished controls, and out-of-this world action, expect the title to become an instant classic. Other features include challenging surface missions, action packed dog-fights, adrenaline rushing racing, and more than 10 solar systems, 15+ craft to fly, 20+ combat / strategy missions and 5+ racing tracks.

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