Villains Exposed “Iron Man 3”: Who is The Mandarin?



The Mandarin is probably the most notorious of all Iron Man villains. His insidious attempts at global domination had loomed like wraith over Tony Stark. The Mandarin is one of the few people in the Marvel universe that is smarter than Tony Stark and as powerful as Iron Man. When you have overwhelming hero such as Iron Man the challenge is always to create a villain of equal or greater abilities. The Mandarin is in every way Iron Mans superior.


The Mandarin was born in a small unnamed village in pre-communist China. Born to a wealthy descendant of Genghis Kahn and an English noble woman but The Mandarin would not come to know his parents well for they died shortly after his birth. After the death of his parents the Mandarin went to live with his father’s sister, whom was embittered and resentful towards the world and passed that anger on to her nephew. The Mandarin’s aunt would devote his fortune to his training and education, turning his body and mind into a living weapon. Upon adulthood the Mandarin’s wealth was depleted to the point that he was unable to the tax on his ancestral home and was cast out.

Vowing to take back what he felt was his he wandered into the forbidden “Valley of the Spirits”, a sacred place no man had trespassed for centuries. It was there he discovered an alien star ship with the skeleton of the dragon like extra-terrestrial Axonn- Karr. Discovering the secret histories of Axonn-Karr and his planet Maklu IV, The Mandarin delved into the studies of their sciences and magic. With the discovery of the Ten Magic Rings on board the ship The Mandarin now possessed the power to avenger his family and more.



The Mandarin is an extremely superior athlete and skilled martial artist. Devoted most of his life to training and honing his Chi. Developing thick calluses over the surface of most of his body has allowed him to take ample damage without pain or fatigue. He is at times able to deflect energy attracts and can go great amounts of time without food and water by focusing his Chi. He is also the foremost authority of Makluan’s alien technology and sciences in the world. His study war and military tactics is nearly unparalleled. The Ten Ring’s he possesses is what elevates The Mandarin to a super human level. Each ring has a specific power that The Mandarin can manipulate to his benefit.

Ten Rings

  1. Ice Blast Ring: Ability to freeze anything from air molecules to objects to near absolute zero
  2. Black Light Ring: Ability to absorb light and create areas of absolute blackness. Darkness created by this ring may be related to “dark force” energy.
  3. Psionic Ring: Increases the ring bearers own physic abilities to create illusions and dominate the mind of others.
  4. Disintegration Ring: Creates a beam of energy that destroys its target on the subatomic level. There is a recharge time.
  5. Electro Ring: Emits bolts of incalculable electricity.
  6. Vortex Ring: Ability of create pockets of high speed air that can be used to levitate objects or people and flight.
  7. Flame Ring: Emits radiation flares that set fire to the molecules in the air. The heat produce by this ring vary based on the ring bearer’s desire.
  8. Impact Ring: Can manifest several forms of energy that enhance the ring bearer from any attack, amplify the power of physical attacks, or stop/ impact objects in midair.
  9. White Light Ring: Can emit various forms of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. Such as change the gravitational pull of an area, ect.
  10. Matter Ring: This Ring has the ability to rearrange matter on a molecular level. For example turning liquid to gas and rearranging solid matter.


Notable Issues

Tales of Suspense #50

Uncanny X-Men 256-258

Avengers 313

Invincible Iron Man 513-527

The Mandarin Exposed

There its true believers, the life and power of The Mandarin. Everything you should know for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. Now real question is how much of The Mandarin of the comic books will we see on May 3rd?



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  • February 2, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    whoa wow wee wooo I knew the mandarin looked intense and from the small tid bits of info I know he is intense, but now I can see why he is Ironmans biggest threat. Looking forward to the movie even more so now. Loving these articles for the novice comic book fans/readers. Makes me want to jump in head first. Just got to figure out where to start.

  • February 3, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Wow that was some great knowledge there. I love seeing these types of articles because as Wasabi said it gives the novice comic book fans/readers somewhere to start. Comics have been going on for a very long time and sometimes its hard to know where to start. I can say myself that I didn’t much about the Mandarin. I knew it was super powerful and Iron mans biggest villain kind of like the Joker to Batman. I knew he had the rings but had no idea what they all did. So thank you for this article. I really appreciate the info.

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