Villains exposed “Silver Samurai” The Wolverine

wolverine vs silver samuraiThe Wolverine Movie is upon us but the Villain is still shrouded in mystery. The trailers portray him like he’s a first gen transformer or perhaps a robot Shredder. As we all know for watching Ironman 3 Hollywood take’s its own creative license when it comes to great comic book Villains. With that in mind here is who the source material (you know those things called Comic Books) describes as the Silver Samurai.



Kenuichero Harada otherwise known as the Silver Samurai has deep rich history steeped in Japanese Culture. Considered by most to be one of Wolverines greatest enemies Harada was born the bastard of Japanese crime boss Shingen Yashida. Already born in dishonor he soon discovered he was also a mutant with the ability to charge objects with Tachyon Fields. He then began dawning silver forged armor based on traditional Japanese Samurai and adopting the name The Silver Samurai. Over the next few years he worked his way up the ranks of Japans criminal underbelly. He began to work alongside international terrorist and Hydra leader Viper also known as Madam Hydra. It is in this time that he crossed sword and claw with The Wolverine himself for the first time thus sparking one of comic’s great rivalries. From there he was declared Oyabun leader of the Yashida Clan following the death of his half-sister Mariko. The Wolverine and The Samurai clash several more times over the years and with each new encounter more respect was both given and earned. The earning of Wolverines respect is not an easy feat to accomplish but in the end Wolverine untrusted The Samurai with his greatest treasure, his adopted daughter Amiko.


Kenuichero Harada is a mutant with the ability to charge anything with a Tachyon Field (He can manipulate faster than light particles to enhance any object). He mostly utilizes his power to enhance his Katana to gain the ability to cut through nearly any substance. Beyond that The Samurai is a master of all edged weapons such as Katana and Shuriken. He has also mastered martial arts and is more than a formidable hand to hand combatant. He commands a vast knowledge of criminal and combat strategizes and lives his life Bushido.

DAREDEVIL111Notable issues

Daredevil #111

X-Men Vol. 2 #172-174

Wolverine Vol. 2 #2-3

Wolverine Vol. 2 #140-143

Silver_Samurai_ScreenshotHow will it be in The Wolverine?

It’s very difficult to say how the Samurai will play out in this film. The whole concept has been kept very much under lock and key. All we have to go on is the look of the armor and the brief glimpse of the battle with the Wolverine himself. The way I see it there are a few possibilities of what will transpire on the big screen in this movie.

1.       His Armor is a mechanical suit used to enhance his abilities.

2.       There is not Silver Samurai and what we see is a robot.

3.       There are multiple incarnation of the Silver Samurai Armor.

I hope that the result is not the later but let’s face it nothing could be worse than surprise there is no Mandarin.

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