Vin Diesel with Groot



Today Marvel studios revealed a picture of actor Vin Diesel next to a head bust sculpture of the character Groot from the upcoming movie Guardians of The Galaxy, finally confirming him to play the voice of and also the motion capture for the character. Director James Gunn said in an interview that the main reason he wanted Vin Diesel as the voice for Groot was because of Vin Diesel’s  voice work in the movie, The Iron Giant which he played the voice of the Giant himself. I personally am excited to see and hear how Vin Diesel will voice Groot because even though the character is known for only saying the one line “I Am GROOT!” over and over as a form of communication, Groot says this line in different tones to convey his feelings or expressions depending on the situation he is in, so it shall be interesting for him as an actor to portray that in a movie. Guardians of The Galaxy is set for release on August 1st, 2014. Mark your calendars, I already did.