Waking Mars now available on Android

Tiger Style games is proud to release Waking Mars today.

The game takes place in 2097. Life is discovered on Mars. And it is your mission to make first contact. But when you become trapped by a thunderous cave-in, you must master the mysterious and increasingly complex interconnected ecosystem of more than a dozen unearthly exotic plants and alien creatures to survive.

Beyond simply porting Waking Mars from iOS to PC, Tiger Style has incorporated a series of key upgrades to enhance game play including:

  • A full cast of professional voice actors and gorgeous new character portraits bring the story of Waking Mars to life (PC and iOS version only)
  • Fluid, seamless support for both gamepad and mouse and keyboard
  • Support for high resolution displays to deliver vivid visuals
  • Optimized performance for PC

It will also be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.
Price $9.99, $4.99 on Google play