Walt the Frog?! Killer bees from outer space about to invade your iPad!

After previously releasing it for the iPhone and Android, Nutritious Games are proud to announce the release of Walt the Frog?! – Against Mutant Killer Bees from Outer Space on the iPad. But that’s not all on the menu for today: there’re also a Walt the Frog?! HD version, a Lite one and an update for you to try out. What more could you ask for? So, get busy with this fun(ny) fast paced shoot’em up adventure! Flick Walt’s tongue and fight against mutant killer bees and screen-filling bosses!

There are five quirky colorful worlds to this crazy adventure, all packed with dozens of different enemies and bosses. You play it by grabbing Walt’s tongue and flicking it at your enemies. Hit, and you’ll eat them up; miss, and it won’t be pretty (literally)! Easy as it may sound, it does get challenging, so you’d better master that tilt control to dodge enemy attacks fast.

“The gameplay was designed to be fun from the very first moment you touch the screen. By combining our Whip Tongue – pull in one direction and let it fling back in the other – with a fast paced shoot’em up, we have achieved just that. Together with the tilt control that lets you dodge enemy attacks, we have created a very intuitive gameplay. Just a warning: it can get highly addictive!” (Marcell Herr, Berlin Game Academy graduate and creative director at Nutritious Games).

The game also features fully voiced dialogues, collectible bombs, and the rage mode, which allows players to pave their way through the insect apocalypse with an even angrier Walt.

The lite version is available for free, and it consists of the first world and the first boss-fight. Just enough to get you hooked!

Walt the Frog?! – Against Mutant Killer Bees from Outer Space is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $0.99. What are you waiting for? Eat them mutant bees!