Wartune now available in beta phase now!

Reality Squared Games(R2Games) has just released  Wartunes, a next-generation browser game that was developed by 7th Road and strategically published by Reality Square Games as well as Proficient City, for beta phases. Don’t know what Wartune is? Wartune lets players become a knight, mage or archer in this fantasy based RPG plot line while having to participate in quests and events as well as constructing and maintaining a city. This game has stunning graphics, a wonderful story line, and PvP battles. Casual and hardcore gamers alike will like Wartune for sure.

Wartune has an array of things to do such as:

  • Single player campaign where players play solo through the realm of Balenor to find the source of evil and defeat the risen God Yaros.
  • City-building in which depending on how well your created city thriving will influence how well you do in a PvP event or even in a single player campaign! In your city you learn defensive and offensive techniques in your academy, train troops, gain wealth, power and strengthen your character as a whole.
  • The quick time event combat system where players use real-time keyboard commands instead of the basic turn-by-turn system.
  • Their are daily quests so that your character to gain gold, experience and other valuables.
  • Multiple types of PvP battles like one-on-one ladders, group arenas, large scale battlegrounds, guild wars and more.
  • Lastly their is the thousand player Boss fights. That’s right! In this game World bosses spawn several times a day which requires players to join together to take them out!. all players that help in defeating a boss are rewarded with gold and players on top of the DSP charts will get additional  bonus rewards.

Right now the only server that is available is Temple of Ibalize.

To find out more on this MMORPG or to even start playing go to  http://wartune.r2games.com! Are you ready to play Wartune?