Wartune Patch 1.3.5!

Reality Squared Games has just released a big patch for their recently released hybrid strategy MMORPG Wartune!

Patch 1.3.5 includes:

  • Double Skill System! The double skill system lets players have more flexibility in selecting and using a variety of class skills plays can use their full potential in their given class!
  • The Mystery Shop where players can buy rare items. The shop resets every 4 hours.
  • Battlegrounds! There are a numbers of battlegrounds that players can participate on. The rewards are of honor and insignia! Battle grounds are split into  two level ranges: 30-04 and 40-80.
  • Honor System-Ranks are ruled by the players honor! Honor can only be obtained on the battlegrounds! once a player attains a certain honor level they can purchase equipment  and items using insignias in the Arena Shop!

For more information or to start playing this game go to http://wartune.r2games.com!