We don’t have movie but we at less have HALO the live-action television series


Halo_2Finally a right step towards a HALO movie during the Microsoft’s event announcing of the Xbox One, Bonnie Ross, studio head at “Halo” developer 343 Industries announced a up an coming HALO live-action TV series. They got none other than Steven Spielberg to produce the series, but Spielberg will have his hands full adapting “Halo,” a massively successful franchise that has sold over 50 million copies worldwide with a fan base eager to see the story come alive on the screen.

Thanks to 343 HALO forward unto dawn it broke the ground on how would the show would be portray from a simple game that we played ten years ago from now sitting on the couch watching the live-action TV series with your family. This TV series will open the doors to a lot games that have amazing stories like a Mass Effect, GEARS of WAR and many great games out. What Steven Spielberg got to do is get a amazing cast start the show on the right foot.