What Alex Smith Trade means for the AFC West


When people bring up the AFC west they laugh because the AFC West is thought of as a joke. Every year the Chargers were the favorite to win the the division. Rapidly the AFC west has changed into being a competitive division. It all started when Peyton Manning moved to the Broncos. The Broncos took the league by storm and won the division. Now they are one of the top teams out there. The Chargers have brought in a great new coach and they hope to be competitor once again.

The Chiefs have acquired a new head coach, and a new quarterback. Andy Reid and Alex Smith. This combination is going to be great one. The Chiefs should instantly become competitors with this new combination. They also hold the number one pick in the draft. This will change the landscape of the of the AFC West. There will now be three teams that are going to be neck in neck, fighting to win the division. The Raiders are the only team that are left out without a real chance at wining. Now the AFC west will be more exciting to watch at least.