What to expect from the Chargers Next year


With the football season over there is something to look forward to with the NEW Chargers. McCoy will head the Chargers revolution this year. AJ Smith is no longer with the Chargers, which means that the chargers will have a chance to actually keep some of their Stars. Tom Telesco should do a great job with the draft, like he did when he was with the colts. The Chargers offense will look much better, and the defense should continue to improve.

With Ken Wisenhunt as the new offensive coordinator the Chargers offense could look like it did a couple of years ago. The running game will be much improved this year. The additional help will benefit Phillip Rivers a lot, he could even return to his 2009 form. The defense should get a lot better with an upgrade at Corner back. The Chargers should get back to winning more than 8 games a year. I predict they will be able to make the playoffs as a possible wild card team. The future is bright for the Bolts.