Whats going on with the upcoming movie “Gambit”?

The production of Gambit movie has yet lost another director. It has been said that Doug Liman who is known for “Jumper”, ” Edge of Tomorrow”,” Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “The Bourne Identity” has left the Fox upcoming movie Gambit to work with Warner Brothers on a new adaptation to DCEU “Justice League Dark”. And let me just say Ouch, to me the  X-Men spin-off movie Gambit looks pretty dead. I was exited for Liman’s approach on Gambit but now with him gone, the movie being pushed back and Channing Tatum not being completely sure on the role, this productions is looking like a complete  fiasco. Still to soon to tell we hope they get their act together to do this Marvel character the justice it deserves. What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Whats going on with the upcoming movie “Gambit”?

  1. Man! I was really looking forward to this movie but directors keep leaving what does that tell you. This movie is not going to happen I’m sure of it.

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