Why All the Hate?

Have you ever loved a game that maybe the majority of people either thought was over rated or just plain horrible? For all of you that listened to Sunday’s Spoiler Alert I learned that I am amongst those who think Final Fantasy VIII is a bad game. First and for most they are wrong… cough Zach cough… I think we all have one game that we find close to our heart that maybe other people seem to disagree with, for me this game would have to be Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy VIII. These games for me made up so much of my childhood and I think as emo as it sounds I was able to relate to Squalls feeling alone in the world.

No matter what people say of these two games though I will always hold them close to my heart as I truely believe they helped forge wh0 I am. I want you guys to put games in the comment section below that you loved and will love no matter what people tell you about that game and continue to stay true to yourselves no matter what. Gamer Love No Homo!

7 thoughts on “Why All the Hate?

  1. FF VIII
    Call of Duty MW2
    Call of Duty Black Ops
    jk, don’t love call of duty that much.

    10/10 article would bang again.

  2. look Ryan explain the story to me. Once you try you will realize how stupid it really is.

  3. Haven’t really played a core FF game I didn’t like (not counting the “sequels/prequels” since I’ve only ever had the chance to play two).

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