Wii U Pokemon Stadium 3: Please….Please!


All of us Pokemon fans out there really hope that the Wii U will have some kind of Pokemon Stadium on it as Pokemon fans such as myself still remember playing the first and second one on N64. For any you who didn’t play the N64 version it allowed you to participate in different cups that level restrictions on the Pokemon that you could use. These could be chosen from either a rental Pokemon or your own trained ones for the Gameboy using a game pack. You could also play the Gameboy games on your tv through the Gameboy tower.

With so many different Gameboy versions coming out since Gold and Silver which were supported by Pokemon Stadium 2, we can only hope that Nintendo will listen to the fans that demand an updated version. Even if it is just hooking up our DS to the Wii U in order to use our own Pokemon it will be highly accepted. Pokemania isn’t going anywhere especially with the popularity of the Trading Card Game and the handheld versions, this idea needs some serious consideration.