Will Batman – Telltale episode 2 live up to episode 1?

Telltale games has given us some good but great story lines with The Walking Dead and others. But when they first announced they were developing a Batman Telltale game honestly I didn’t have high hopes based on previous titles. But I gave it a chance anyway and watched a LIVE stream gameplay and I have to be true and honest that I was blown away with the story line. They brought a different perspective and an out look how Gotham’s Dark Knight was operating to save the city he loves.


I must say what really threw me for a whirl spin was the ending. I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen yet but believe me when I say I never saw that coming. Oh my god episode 2 is coming Sept 20th and I will be watching. I called into work already.

Watch Batman – Telltale episode 2 Right HERE