Wingbreaker available on iOS platforms now !

RIGGERMAN GAMES has announced the release of their  new strategy arcade shooter Wingbreaker! Wingbreaker is available exclusively for iOS platforms, is compatible with iPhones and iPod Touch that are 3rd generation ot newer as well as on all iPad devices! RIGGERMAN GAMES plan on releasing this game on Android platforms if the iOS version is a success.

Wingbreaker is an arcade shooting adventure with 3D Graphics with 2D game play. This game is geared towards the casual and committed gamer! The first objective in the game is to customize your gunship  and starting weapon. Players must battle through tough levels and complete mission objectives prior to the last show down with a boss.  The two control methods that players have access to are mission and arcade. In the mission mode there are 22 levels. In the arcade mode players try to score as much as they can to become the leaders on the global leaders board. all of the in-game weapons and features are locked so players must  complete the in-game mission but for those that are impatient players can buy an IAP for $1.99

The best thing is that it’s free!