WizardCraft on Steam Greenlight

WizardCraft, a retro style RTS game coming soon to Windows PC, is now on Steam Greenlight. WizardCraft features a multitude of game modes, including; missions, skirmish and battle modes as well as a fully-fledged editor allowing you to create your own maps.

Description: Fight to control a land inhabited by hostile forces. Dragons, wizards and knights assemble to destroy your civilization. You must strive to defend your people by any means; gather natural resources to build your defences, fuel your army, and ultimately wipe out your enemies.

Key Features Include:

Over 30 missions;
Skirmish mode contains 2 different ways to play. ‘Battle’ a fast paced mode which focuses on creating units quickly and ‘Economy’, a slower paced mode which requires the player to focus on creating a stable economy.
Create your own skirmish maps with our easy to use map editor.
3 different difficulty levels.
Real-time battles with up to 600 units.
Take control of 12 different units, including archers, knights, cannons, wizards and dragons.