Woolly the jumper review for iPhone and iTouch

Woolly’s large, beautiful fleece is his most treasured asset. Unfortunately for him, Farmer Brown is so desperate to rob him of his coat that he will don a jet pack and follow Woolly through precarious pitfalls, dangerous obstacles and changing seasons – all just to sheer that oversized woolly coat!

Using the iPhone’s touch screen, players must calculate the angle and power of Woolly’s jumps in order to successfully move between cliff edges in this vibrant 2D platformer.

Help Woolly travel through the seasons quickly enough to avoid Farmer Brown closing in on his jet pack, and robbing the adorable Woolly of his fluffy coat!


-Four levels of rising difficulty
-Progressively harder puzzles, with moving platforms, obstacles and precision jumps
-Collectables throughout the level can be chained together for higher scores
-Integrates AGON Online for high score leaderboards to compare with friends and players around the world

Woolly the Jumper is a interesting game it’s not going to blow you away with gameplay  or it’s controls but visually its a amazing looking game. Gameplay wise you pretty much spend the game making Woolly jump from platform to platform each one position in different heights and distances from each other as you progress. Controls are simple you just tap on the screen to make Woolly jump depending on where you tap determines the distances Woolly jumps this is a fun, easy game i give Woolly the Jumper a 7 out of 10.