Worlds-Finest_9 Review Worlds’ Finest #9 (?)



The ground rumbles and the earth shakes. Flames arise in the distance. From her hospital bedside window The Huntress sees mischief is afoot at S.T.A.R.R laboratories. Injury and the discomfort of her wounds dressings have not damped her resolve. Something is wrong and she intends to find out what. When the marauders produce a weapon with the strength to stop Power Girl, The Huntress knows something more sinister is a play on this small island.

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I have not read anything this bad since Daredevil vs. Vapora. I really do not comprehend anything in this comic book. The narratives in this issue are confounding and extremely hard to follow. Writer and former D.C Comics president Paul Levitz really had a difficult time scripting Worlds’ Finest. Dialogue was unrealistic and disconnected. Nothing seemed to really happen in this issue. The Huntress investigates a robbery and then there is skirmish and that about sums up what happens in this issue. I have read better comic books I received at Taco Bell. There really is nothing more to be said.


The art in this issue was all over the place. Mainly due to the four artists that illustrated it. Four artists with four styles drawing the same issue, it really makes no since. The continuity of the whole title is thrown out the window. For example during one page The Huntress is in an arm sling for an immobilizing arm injury from a previous issue, the next page that sling is nowhere to be seen and she in now wielding two guns. It seems that each page is different and no one on the creative teams was communicating with one another other while illustrating this title.

This comic book was reminiscent of some of the terrible comics produced in the 90’s. As per usual when you use multiple artistic teams to illustrate one issue all continuity is lost. I give Worlds’ Finest #9 a 0 out of 10. This comic is bad.


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