Xbox and Playstation to Ban Used Games?


If you haven’t heard it already, then all gamers fans of sharing or buying used games are in for a loop.
With the announcement that Sony recently patented technology essentially allowing them to link or lock a game to a specific console, there is much concern that this would be the direction all next-gen consoles would be taking. It would appear that there are rumors circulating that Microsoft’s new Xbox has also been added to the list for consoles to ban used games. So far, it has been heard that the new Xbox would require constant internet connectivity in order to function, and even offline games would still need to be connected to the internet.

Console and game developers rely on the sales of new games to survive, as it gives them the direct benefit. With used games, the game is bought from someone else, which does not give developers money at all. This is understandable from a marketing poimt of view, with all the video game developer deaths of this and last year (THQ just to name a big one) there would be a reason to block used games. Many games currently feature online passes that come in brand new boxes for the game, and must be used in order to play online. However, sales have not yet outpaced the total cost of the game, and so developers continue to find a cure.

However, gaming is a very expensive business for gamers as well, and no one likes to dish out the big $60 whenever a new title comes out. Although none of these details can be finalized until the final specifications of each console are released, I find it that banning used games would probably discourage the sale of the newer generation consoles, especially in the current economic state we are in now. Although things like online pass codes are inconvenient, I find them much more tolerable than banning used games all together. Personally, If this actually comes to fruition, you wont be seeing me buy a new console anytime soon.