Xbox One not backwards compatible or used game friendly


Now that everyone is hyped on the release of the oddly named Xbox One. A bit of bad news on the gaming side. The Xbox one is not going to be backwards compatible. Confirmed in a Q&A by Xbox Wire stating “Xbox One hardware is not compatible with Xbox 360 games. We designed Xbox One to play an entirely new generation of games”.  This has to do with the architecture of the new console. Marc Whitten, corporate Vice President of Xbox Live stated “The system is based on a different core architecture, so back-compat doesn’t really work from that perspective”.

The next bit of bad news comes in the form of how the games are played. It was confirmed with Wired that the Xbox One will install the games onto the hard drive. The disc is meant to be used once just to install. After that the game will be played from the consoles hard drive. If a second account wants to play the game, a fee will be charged. They are also setting a plan in motion for how used game sales will be handled. At least different accounts on the same console can still play the games installed.

During the Q&A on Xbox Wire it also mentions that Kinect is a core and integrated part of Xbox One. In other words, it must be connected for the Xbox One console to function properly. At least it is also confirmed that every Xbox One will ship with it.

Personally, I think we all just want a gaming console. All this TV integration on the Xbox One and the social media connectivity on the PS4 is the opposite of what most of us wanted. We can’t borrow or lend out games now. Our games collection becomes useless on the next gen consoles. I really hope the focus starts returning to gaming soon.