Xbox One Skullcandy SLYR Review

IMG_2524The next generation of Skullcandy gaming headsets are here with the SLYR Xbox One and Halo Edition, exclusive to Xbox One both headset are gorgeous and perform as good as they look.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last reviewed the first wave of Skullcandy gaming headsets for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Which were all really good headsets so to be honest i was expecting the same products with a fresh coat of paint. Damn was i wrong, everything was improved from the mic boom to the the sound quality and everything in between.

I got my hands on the Black and Green Xbox One version.

IMG_2507Comfort and Design

One of the only complaints i had of the last gen SLYR was that the cups were a tad too small to my delight not only did Skullcandy make them bigger they also made them with memory foam cushions! feels like you got two pillows on each ear.

They also brought back one of the SYLR coolest features the stash able boom mic but of course improved, they made it a bit longer and more sturdier.

Everything is easy to adjust to you’re liking

The headset itself is made entirely out of plastic but feels solid and sturdy which I’m glad usually plastic headset feel like they’re going to break as soon as you put them on.


Once again i was blown away by the quality of sound Skullcandy can get out of these headsets everything is crisp clear, sharp , you can hear your friends as if they’re right next to you and even the boom mic has been improved everyone was telling me they can hear me much better.

Some of the titles I played were Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Game of Thrones .


When i opened up the box to start using the i pulled out the headset and then The GMX-1 Mixer and was like ok wheres the A/V cables? There isn’t any you literally just plug in the The GMX-1 Mixer (pictured above) into an Xbox One controller and you’re done. Yup that’s it and best of all it’s WIRELESS!!!! (well from the console) you do have a cable going from the headset to the controller but still! ridiculously simple.


The Skullcandy SLYR are a great entry level headset for anyone looking for a headset for a inexpensive Xbox One headset. Amazing sound, light weight, super easy set up and an affordable price tag all make the SLYR a great buy.

I give Skullcandy’s Xbox One SYLR a 9 out of 10 it’s an amazing Xbox One headset for $99. you can buy them now at