Yu-GI-Oh Number Hunters

249184_593042707380861_2047456920_nYugioh number hunters is a new 60 card set to be released today. This set will focus on the most popular cards in the yugioh series now which is the Xyz cards. The set will include 25 new Xyz monsters, 14 new Effect monsters, 6 new spell and trap cards from yugioh Zexal, 5 new non-zexal cards that were famous in the past, and 10 previously reprinted cards that are going to be released as foil cards. Also what are coming out in this pack are the CXyz cards, which is the chaos Xyz monsters. You have to have the original form of the Xyz monster on the field and use the Rank-up magic card. Its similar to the assault mode cards that were released in the 5Ds era. This set contains 20 secret rares and 40 super rares. it comes with 5 cards per pack 1 secret and 4 super. the pack will cost around 3.99 per pack.