Yu-Gi-Oh! Shining Victories


 Hows it going everyone, Patrick here with another Yugioh review thanks to my friends from Konami. This time they have given me the opportunity to review their newest set, Shining Victories. This set introduces new support for decks like Dinomist, Melodious Divas, Raidraptor, Kaijus, Kozmos, Performapals, and finally Blue Eyes. It also introduces us to the lunalights, Amorphages, and Digital Bugs. For me this set helped my  Kaiju and Melodious Diva decks a ton with the new support, but the cards im going to talk about are not those, they are actually 3 of the secret rares of the set.

Fist off I want to talk about Drowning Mirror Force. Konami like reinvent new cards and the mirror force cards are among some of my favorites. Its effect says,” When your opponent’s monster declares a direct attack: Shuffle all attack position monsters your opponent controls into the deck”. The one thing I can say is that I love this card, it not only doesn’t target, but it doesn’t destroy either. So all the cards that can’t be destroyed or targeted or even get their effects while in the grave are completely useless now, because this deals with all those problematic situations. Another thing I like is that this card can be used in any deck, with the max number of 3, so you can have your opponent guessing the whole time with a backrow on your side of the field.

Now lets move on to the Kozmos, this set had a few new cards to come out like Landwalker, Scardy Lion, Dark Planet, and the main Kozmo Dark Lady. She’s a level 5 monster with 2200 atk and 1800 def and her effect says,” During either players turn you can banish this card: Special summon 1 level 6 or higher Kozmo monster from your hand. You can only use this effect once per turn. Once per turn, during either players turn, when another monsters effect is activate: You can pay 1000 LP; negate the activation, and if you do destroy it”. Dark Lady is a really good card for the Kozmo deck giving it more of the switching out flow to combo with the other Kozmos and plus that fact that it can negate monster effects once per turn, which is amazing. That effect alone makes this deck so much better, because that means if you run veilers you can ditch those and just run 3 of these, its the same exact thing just better because you can use that effect during your turn as well. I know after this set Kozmos are still going to be topping tournaments everywhere.

The last card that I want to talk about is Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Crystal Wing is also a fantastic card, its a level 8 synchro monster with 3000atk and 2500 def with a crazy effect. It says,” Once per turn, during either players turn, when another monsters effect is activated: You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that monster, and if you do that, this card gains atk equal to the destroyed monsters original atk until the end of this turn. If this card battles a level 5 or higher monster your opponent controls, during damage calculation: This card gains atk equal to the current atk of the opponents monster it is battling during that damage calculation only”. Just like Kozmoll Dark Lady Crystal Wing has the monster negate effect too, but this ones a lot better. Without the LP cost and the fact that you gain that monsters atk to your own makes your opponent choose his monsters effects wisely. Also the attacking effect is really cool, because you are almost always going to be taking out 3000 points of damage a swing if their monster is in attack mode, which in 3 turns thats victory for you. Crystal Wing is very versatile with being a generic level 8 synchro so almost any deck can use this card and the best part is that there’s no down side to making this card, all you need to do is just protect it from spells and traps then your good to plow through your opponents no problem.

Shining Victories is an awesome set, it brings several support for old and new decks. It introduces more arcs that could potentially be made into meta decks, with given some time and more support. This set does everything right to push us forward as duelist to make our decks unique and strong, so we can become victorious. I recommend this set to anyone that likes the Blue Eyes themes or one of the other ones I mentioned earlier, you can get a lot of great support for those decks and for the ones that you didn’t expect that need a few cards from this set to make it perfect. I hope you all enjoyed my review and let me know what you think and as always Happy Dueling.