Yugioh Card of the Week

This week on yugioh card of the week in gonna be talking about one of my favorite cards since its release. This card was just released not to long ago in the structure deck saga of the blue eyes white dragon and boy let me tell you it is one badass card. Everybody that plays Yugioh should know about this card and know how broken it is and how devastating it is in this current format. I am of course talking about Maiden with Eyes of Blue.

She is probably hands down the best card in the deck and she knows how to back up all that talk. Her attack and defense are 0 but that’s not what you use her for obviously. Its the effect that totally kicks ass when this card is targeted for an attack you can negate the attack and switch this card in defense mode. Now the fun part, then you can special summon a blue eyes white dragon from your deck hand or graveyard onto the field. Then once during either players turn when this card is targeted by a card effect, except during battle, you can special summon a blue eyes white dragon from your hand deck or graveyard onto the field. You can only use the effect of this card once per turn.

Now this card is also a tuner monster so when you special summon blue eyes on your side you can then make azure eyes silver dragon or what ever high level synchro monster that you have. This card is just plane ridiculous since you can actually trigger the effect yourself by simply targeting this card with what ever card you have, even if its a card that raises its level you can activate its ability as long as its targeted. There are tons of plays that can be done with this card, you just have to find out which one works for you.

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