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Yugioh Circuit Break Review

Hey everyone Patrick here with yet another review thanks to my friends from Konami. Today I will be talking about their newest set that just came out, Circuit Break. I had really enjoyed this set, it had brought in a bunch of link monsters, which I’ll get into the better ones in a minute, and some support for older decks nd some new ones too. Like I said this set brought a lot of links into play, now they are all not generic, but can be viable in a few decks. Now the two biggest cards in this set, in my opinion, is Spyral Double Helix and Borreload Dragon. These Link monsters bring the game to a different level of insanity once these cards hit the field and that’s really amazing to see from link cards.

First we will talk about Spyral Double Helix. Not gonna lie this card by itself makes Spyrals so good that they will be untouchable in the coming up YCS. Double Helix is a link 2 monster that has to use Spyrals to summon it and has attack of 1900. It’s effect is while it is on the field or GY this card is treated as Spyrals Super Agent, once per turn you can reveal the top card of your opponents deck and call what type of card it is, if you get it right you can either add 1 Spyral monster from your deck or GY to your hand or special summon it to the field. There are a ton of plays that this can start, like Quick-Fix or Drone or even just recycling your Spyrals so you can use them later on. Unfortunately Spyrals were hit with the ban list, and may be a little less competitive, but that still doesn’t mean that the deck is dead. All this means is that it is just going to be a lot harder to get those crazy plays since the deck got put in check. But if you do pull a Double Helix and want to play Spyrals, it’s a must have to try and salvage thus once great deck.

The other card I want to talk about is Borreload Dragon. Borreload Dragon is a link 4 monster with needing 3+ effect monsters to summon and has an attack of 3000. Now this card has an insane effect, it says neither player can target this card with monster effects and once per turn you can target 1 monster and it loses 500 atk/def. You opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this cards activation. At the start of the damage step if this card attacks an opponents monster, place it in one of the monster zones this card points to and take control of it. That card gets sent to the GY during the End Phase of the next turn. The fact that this is a generic link monster with that many insane effects just makes me wonder how to even deal with this card on my opponents turn. Also the fact that it takes control of the monster and then sends that card to the GY is ridiculous. Borreload Dragon in my eyes is one of the greatest link monsters I have ever seen.

All in all I really liked this set. If you liked Code of the Duelist, then you will most likely love Circuit Break. It has a bunch of great cards in it that are viable in a bunch of decks and I know that’s what duelist really want to see in these sets. I highly recommend at least checking out this set, you may be lucky enough to get either of those cards I mentioned above. Thanks for reading and remember happy dueling.