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Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Review

Hey everyone Patches here doing another review, this time for the brand new game Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist. My friend from Konami was kind enough to give me the game so I review it for you guys and let you know what I think about it. Im going to talk a little about each of the different modes in the game, from what I liked to what I think it can improve on.
First off we will talk about the campaign. This game has all the stories from the original Yugioh starting from duelist kingdom all the way to the intro of Arc V. For each series you follow along the main story of each main character meaning you are reliving the tv show of each duel, but now your dueling in their shoes now. For each duel you are able to choose from either the story deck or a user deck.

The user deck is a generic deck that you can build off of, or one of your own custom decks that you created, while the story deck is the deck that that particular duelist would have had on the tv show at that time. Meaning your not going to see Xyz monsters on duelist kingdom, just a lot of vanilla cards that they would have had access to at that time.

One of the things I did enjoy was the fact that if that character used forbidden cards, you would be able to use them in that story mode duel. Another thing that was implemented in the campaign was reverse duels, for example if I were to face weevil as yugi, the reverse duel would mean I will be weevil dueling against yugi. That way you can see what kind of challenge it was to face off against the king of games with not that many amazing cards at your disposal. Another mode in single player is the duelist challenges, which is something that I really enjoyed.

All it is is a 1v1 against the characters from the story mode, but now they have access to all cards from any series, and their decks would be at tournament level. Although they would specialize in a deck that was close to their story deck, doesn’t mean its going to be an easy task. You will need to bring your “A” game in these or you cab find yourself on the other side of an otk that you never thought was possible with those certain cards.
Multiplayer mode is probably one of the most important things to me in this game. In multiplayer you have to options ranked or player, then you go through the guidelines of either joining or hosting a duel.

Ranked is obviously where duelist want to duel against others that would have similar skills and deck knowledge so that they can truly put their decks to the test to see which one is superior. While player is more of casual play, where you can try out decks to see if they work and play against friends and have a good time. But one of the drawbacks to online is that I don’t think there is a penalty for leaving a duel early in a ranked duel. It happens all the time where someone is not getting what they need and then when your about to win, your opponent disconnects.

I wish that if that happens the CPU would take over and that way you can still continue the duel with out wasting your time for nothing.
Sealed play was one of the most anticipated modes that a lot of duelist were waiting for for a long time.

There are two different modes in this one, sealed and draft. Sealed play is you can choose from either battle pack 1 or 2 and the computer automatically chooses cards for you out of the 10 packs to make you a 40 card deck.

Then draft is almost the exact same thing, the only differences are that you are able to also choose from battle pack 2 round 2 cards as well, and you gradually pick cards 1 by 1 untill you get a 40 card deck, then you can duel either a CPU or a player, but you can only duel with those specific card combinations for 5 duels, after that it resets and you do it all over again.
Now lets talk about the non dueling aspects of this game, the deck edit and shop modes. Deck edit explains itself, this is where your cards go so that you can brainstorm and make that one deck that you really enjoy to run in real life. This game has over 6600 cards ranging from Legend of Blue Eyes to The Secret Forces. So you can actually run into some meta decks that are still meta in real life. Also the ban list is I believe the January list, so that means Dragon Rulers are playable in this game.

One thing I really liked about the deck editing system is that you can look up cards that would work well with other cards that you would have in your deck, potentially giving you more inspiration to make those never thought of decks that you rarely see now. The shop is where you can buy booster packs with the dp you earn from dueling. Each pack is generally 400 except grandpa Moto which is 200. Each pack comes with 8 cards, 7 common and 1 rare.

Also each pack has a ton of cards in them, so if you don’t see that card you want, then just keep buying packs, you will eventually find what you are looking for. One thing I wish they added was what pack had what cards in them, so that way I can see what im buying, instead of just opening packs that can potentially not have what I want.
I really enjoyed this game a lot and it has a lot to offer. Some wishes I would have for this is add more to the Arc V story line, that way we can expand more in that universe and use current cards that are passed the Secret Forces pack, and update the ban list to follow what the current ban list is, so that way we wont have to change much of our decks to compensate with what ever ban list we are using now. Other then those couple things, this game is a fantastic price of art and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I will give this game a 10/10. All the things I didn’t like, didn’t break the game. Meaning I can live without those things, but I would like to see those implemented into it so they can keep on making it current so nobody gets bored of it.

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist can be purchased for $19.99 on both the Xbox One and the PS4.

Another thing that we are going to start is a Legacy of the Duelist tournament. We will ask the crowds what they would like to do, whether it will be a draft tournament or bring your own deck tournament, we want to bring Yugioh into our video game tournament line up. So please let us know what you think about that and as always happy dueling.