Yugioh Legendary Collection 5Ds Review


How is it going everyone, Patches here doing another Yugioh review for you guys. This week my friend from Konami gave me the privilege of reviewing one of their most recent products to come out, and that is the Legendary Collection 5Ds. Now Konami had a few previous legendary collections before this one, the last two were yugi and Joey. Now they expanded to the whole era of arc 3, which is the 5Ds saga. This series introduced a lot of game changing cards and card types like tuners, hand-trap cards, and of course synchros. Now synchros are very similar to fusion monsters, but instead of polymerization you would use tuner monsters and non tuner monsters to make these cards. Now lets get into what I was looking for, what I got, and also what I thought about this set.

Now as a competitive duelist there are certain cards that I look for and this set had a ton of these individual gems. Cards like effect veiler and maxx “c”, which are top teir hand trap cards, are among the cards I was looking for. Fortunately I was able to obtain an ultra rare Maxx “C”, but no veilers yet. Now in this set effect veilers are common and they are not as hard to get, but since this set has a lot of commons it is a tad bit harder to pull. Some other cards I was looking for were the legendary dragons in both common and ultra rare. I managed to pull life stream, ancient fairy, black rose, and red dragon all common. The only ultra I got was black winged and I was able to pull two of those. I had no luck with stardust at all and he was one of the main ones I had wanted. Also returning to this set is the earthbound immortals and the Nordic cards. These powerhouse of cards are fun to play with like the earthbound immortals, but I don’t really see them having a future in competitive play. Nordics on the other hand are fairly decent decks, but since the competitive scene is being dominated by Xyz monsters these synchros are not really easy to fit in when you have stardust and black rose as a better choice to bring into battle. That’s enough of some of the monsters, lets move onto the spells and trap cards in this set.

Now the main traps that maid a lot of duelist happy to see were vanities emptiness and debunk. Vanities emptiness has been making quite a splash in competitive play, that is why the common version of this card is almost going for $30.00. But in this set it is a secret rare and I believe its also a short print card, so its harder to find as well. But lucky for me i was able to get at least one since I didn’t have any other ones. Debunk on the other hand I wasn’t as lucky, but I hope when I buy more of these ill be able to get it. Now for the spell that I was personally looking for I had actually got which was De- synchro. I love this card it has the ability to make amazing plays that can either help you out or even hurt your opponent.

Now this set is pretty amazing, between all the fun and competitive cards, this set is a great buy. The price for the Legendary Collection 5Ds is $29.99 and it includes a hard mat, 5 mega packs which is guaranteed to contain 1 rare, super, ultra, and secret rare cards, and 5 promo cards. The promos are all ultra rare and they are Black Rose Dragon, Shooting Quasar Dragon, Stardust Flash, Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent, and Fenrir the Nordic Wolf. To me this is a steal of a deal you automatically get Black Rose and Shooting Quasar plus everything else, this is well worth every penny. I would give this product a 10/10. I believe Konami knows what their fans want and they know how to give it to them and thats why this product is going to succeed. Thanks everyone for reading and let me know in the comments what you think i should do. If i should do a video of the openings or just keep on doing a written review let me know and ill see you guys later happy dueling.

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