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Yugioh Mega Tin 2017 Review

Hello duelist Patrick here with yet another review. Today thanks to my friends at Konami, I get to tackle the 2017 Mega Tins. This is kinda going to be a short review since the mega tins are just reprints of the 4 previous sets, but I would want to at least talk about some of the promos in these tins. 

Now regardless what tin you get, there is going to be a Proxy Dragon, which is a new link monster that protects itself by sacrificing the monsters it points to and Pot of Desires. Pot of Desires is a huge reprint since it was very hard to get your hands on it since it was a secret rare and even in the after market, it’s average price for a long time was around $100. That card alone makes this tin well worth it. Each of the tins comes with a token and the duelist that’s on the tins key monster, either Dark Magician or Blue Eyes. Then in the Yugi tin it comes with a rank 3 Xyz monster #71 Rebarian Shark and the field spell card Dreamland. Then in the Kaiba tin you get, #68 Sanaphond the Sky Prison, and the fusion monster Elder Entity N’tss. The other promos are alright I really don’t see them getting much play with the new rules, but you never know what could happen in this game. 

I really enjoy the mega tins because it gives you another chance at getting those hard to get cards in the past sets that cost a pretty penny. I highly recommend the 2017 Mega Tin, besides the awesome cards that you could get in the packs, you get amazing promos like Desire and Proxy Dragon. I hope this helped anyone thinking about getting the tin and as always Happy Dueling.