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Yugioh Reviews- Kaiba Box, Cyberse Link Deck and Spirit Warriors

Hey everyone Patrick here with another Yugioh review for you and thanks to my friends from Konami I will be talking about 3 products that were just released. I’ll go over each product briefly and tell you what to look for and if it would be worth the purchase. First I’ll talk about the Kaiba box set.

Similar to the Yugi box I talked about in the previous post, the Kaiba box relatively offers the same things in packs, but this box comes with a Blue Eyes White Dragon promo and the Kaiba Reloaded Structure deck. In the deck you get many of Kaibas favorite cards like his Blue Eyes, Vorse Raider, and Enemy Controller. This deck has some decent cards in it, but it is mainly just for nostalgic players. The packs I have been over before, just like the decks you can get some pretty cool reprints plus ultimate rare versions of some awesome cards if your lucky enough. Also in this set is a Blue Eyes White Dragon promo plus an oversized version of the same card. Although I probably have over 100 copies of Blue Eyes, it never hurts to have more.

The other product I want to talk about is the Cyberse Link Structure Deck. This is the second structure deck to focus on link summoning and the Cyberse monsters. I personally have not played with the Cyberse archetype, but after this deck was released and had received more support, I might like to try it out and see what it can do. Besides the Cyberse cards in this set, this deck has a bunch of great cards for competitive. Cards like Dimensional Barrier, Storming Mirror Force, and Cosmic Cyclone make an appearance in this deck, so you don’t have to spend hefty bucks trying to get these cards into your deck. Also it has some pretty decent monsters in there like Tragodia, Glow-Up Bulb and Debris Dragon. I really enjoyed this deck, and I would recommend picking this up to at least get those awesome cards I mentioned to make your deck even stronger.

Finally I’ll talk about the brand new set that just came out, Spirit Warriors. This set introduced the Weather Painters and the Magical Musketeers, which in the OCG the Musketeers or Magibullets were seeing some play, but I feel like with the current meta, this deck will be to slow for it to compete. Spirit Warriors also introduced a ton of support for one of my favorite archetypes, the Six Samurai. I feel like with these new Samurais, might be able to have a fighting chance in today’s meta. It might not be the best, but with gateway to 1 and trying to get a couple Shiens to the field, you can surely control the field and have your opponent think very hard about every move they do. I would say pick up some packs of Spirit Warriors, and try to get some Six Samurais, I highly recommend playing that deck, since it is a pretty decent and fun deck to use.

I hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully persuaded you into getting a few packs or even a box to get these amazing cards so you can use them in your old decks or even revamp the main one you use now. Thanks and remember happy dueling.