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YUGIOH: Starter Deck YuYa Performapal Pendulums Review


Hello fellow duelists! First I wanna start with saying this starter deck is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to make a Pendulums Deck! This deck comes with all types of monsters, for example spellcasters, Beast-Warriors, Winged Beasts, Beasts, Reptiles, Fiends, And Insects, all Pendulum Scale. As I said before, this deck is very good to START a pendulum deck. The monsters are fantastic plus good combos with traps and spells.

Some big hitters in this Deck are Beast King Barbaros, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, And Performapal Sleight Hand Magician. A great card for good Pendulum combos is Archfiend Eccentrick. I would definitely add more defense with high defense monsters or just the basic traps and don’t be afraid to add some wacky cards since this deck is VERY expandable with what the final product can become.


I played a few matches using just this starter deck against a finished deck and another starter deck and it put up a pretty good fight against the finished deck and completely destroyed the other starter deck. Another thing I noted was my ability to play completely different with this deck. I was able to play aggressive and multi-summon most of my turns and the Pendulum effects helped my monsters stay alive and I was easily able to get monsters like Odd-Eyes. Another game I was able to completely play defensive and lame my opponent out using the effects of non-pendulum monsters and basic traps also easily summoning Odd-Eyes and some other high leveled monsters.


What you turn this deck into is always up to you but I think I’ll be turning this into a Lock-Down Deck using continuous Spells and Traps and abusing the multi-summoning of this deck. If you want to be strictly Performapal Pendulums then I suggest buying three YuYa starter decks to get a good amount of Performapal monsters, spells, and traps. This is also a good starter deck to just get more cards for multiple other decks; not just Pendulum.

These are definitely my favorite pendulum cards. I really can’t wait to see what people do with this starter deck and if there will be more Performapal card in the future.
Thanks for reading and happy dueling!!!