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Yugi’s Collectors Box Review

Hey everyone Patrick here with another Yugioh review. Thanks to my friends from Konami for allowing me to review the Yugi Collectors Box. Now this set really doesn’t have anything new in it, but it does have some pretty cool stuff inside. First it’s not a Yugi box if you don’t get a Dark Magician, which you get a big card of it and a normal size card that matches the big one. Next you get 6 packs, 3 Yugi duelist packs and 3 Kaiba duelist packs. I love the old duelist packs, because you have the possibility of getting some of the older cards in different art and even in a higher rariety. The card that I was really happy that I got was an Ultimate rare Pot of Greed, the texture and look of the card is by far one of the coolest I have ever seen. Other cards you can get in the packs are Blue Eyes Ultimate, Black Luster Soldier, and even an altrenet art Dark Magician Girl, which is pretty cool to add to your collection. Finally the last thing that comes in this box is the Yugi Deck Reloaded. This is a pretty sweet deck because it comes with an Ultimate rare Dark Magician  and a bunch of cards, both Yami and Yugi used in the anime. 

I really like this set for nostalgic reasons, but it really does lack on competitive cards. I would have to say that this set would most likely appeal to the players that had grown up with the anime, and loves the Dark Magician very deeply. Other then that this set is not for players that want to get cards for their competitive decks. I like this box a lot, but if you already have one of them, I believe that’s more then what you need from this product. I hope you enjoyed this review and happy dueling everyone.