Zombie Apocalypse Review


Zombie Apocalypse is an arcade style game that has some similarities to Left 4 Dead, you got your four main characters to choose from who must survive wave after wave of hungry zombies who want to feast on your corpse. You got to think twice if you believe your fighting run of the mill zombie’s, Zombie Apocalypse brings with it different variations of zombies with. You have your Big Boy who may be slow but will take more then two shot to bring him down, the Kamikaze that explodes when shot, and Granny who has who is deadly accurate with her throwing knives. For those of you with an itchy trigger finger will be happy to know you have 11 deadly weapons at your disposal to rain havoc on the living dead. When your trigger finger is warn out use the chainsaw to slaughter them in a more up close manner.

All this carnage will take place in seven different locations from a carnival to a cemetery. Each of the levels has hazardous environments where you can push the zombies into for bonus points at the end of each round. You can find barrels filled of fireworks, propane tanks that will help you clear your path. One thing you don’t have to worry about is hurting any of your allies in your fight for survival, you can’t hurt them with any weapon in your arsenal or by any of the exploding barrels. Witch is great cause things can get hazie will quick,cause when you got swarms of zombies coming at you its easy to loose track of you friends. The game is great whether if your playing by yourself or with friends.

Each round starts the same, survivors start of with a basic assault riffle witch they will use to fend of the zombies. The real mayhem starts when the weapons start to spawn. Don’t expect to get your hands on the big guns right away those you will have to work for as you progress through the levels. What unique weapons at your disposal is the teddy stuffed with c-4, this cute and cuddly bear of distraction is used as bait to distract the zombies from eating your guts. As you survive the days you will notice that the game does get repetitive at points.

The Good
Multi-player, play with friends online or play with them right in your living room

The soundtrack sets the mode for Zombie the invasion

Great looking graphics and lighting effects

Always something to shot at

The Bad

Can be repetitive

Very short game, You can finish the game start to finish in about 3 to 2 hours

To many recycled zombies

Zombie Apocalypse is a great game but if your playing solo you wont get the full experience of this game. It has it ups and downs but with a price tag of $9.99 it wont be burning a hole in your pocket. I give Zombie Apocalypse a score of 7 (out of 10).