Zombie Games: A Phase or Here to Stay?

A couple of my friends and I were hanging out and we decided to play through some different zombie games, as we are all zombie nerds, and I started to think as to whether or not zombie games will continue to scare us. Zombie games such as Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead 2 are hugely popular right now. Zombie culture has become so popular that other games such as Call of Duty even have a zombie mode within them.

It’s fair to say that with popularity of The Walking Dead and zombie movies that games will continue to be made and will eventually become a genre in its own. Proof that zombie games are evolving into their own genre can be found with the popularity of DayZ, a mod for Arma II. The mod was so widely popular that it will soon be made into a stand alone game. Zombie survival is nothing new as Resident Evil is the king of that genre, however games such as DayZ and the still in alpha WarZ, are changing the genre learning more towards realism and simulation.

No matter whether you like the fast paced action of Left 4 Dead or the slow paced realism of DayZ there is a zombie game out there for you. They are here to stay and will continue to frighten and entertain us for generations to come.