Zombie Trailer Coming Very Soon and Some Zombie Game Modes

Yet another big tweet from Treach talking about zombie modes and also an image of a soon to be released trailer. the tweet says “We already know that Black Ops 2?s Zombies Mode will feature more players, more zombies and new game modes. Now, after the recent leak of the full Black Ops 2?s multiplayer maps list, the same source has revealed the new Black Ops 2 Zombies game modes.”

“Like the multiplayer maps list, the unconfirmed details are reported to have been lifted from the game files for the Black Ops 2 beta and reveal that Black Ops 2?s Zombies mode will feature no less that 8 game modes. Check out the list below:

No Man’s Land

Even though the game modes have reported to have been lifted from the game files, all unconfirmed details, as usual, are to be treated as rumor until confirmed by an official source. The list seems genuine enough, though.”